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 Natural DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

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Natural DIY Sugar Lip Scrub Empty
PostSubject: Natural DIY Sugar Lip Scrub   Natural DIY Sugar Lip Scrub EmptyMon Nov 02, 2015 10:50 pm

Lip scrubs, for whatever reason, cost whopping amounts in-store...around $25 for what should be a simple product! Make up is already expensive enough without adding this expense, however necessary it might be...

This is a lip exfoliator for use before you put on lipstick, gloss, or whatever it is you use on your lips these days. This is for a flawless look, but also for general lip health if you find you are constantly trying to apply product to your chapped and dried lips!

All you need is coarse sugar, raw coconut oil or olive oil, and vanilla extract (or whatever edible extract you prefer, such as peppermint). Of course you will also need a place to store this stuff! All stuff easily found in your home or at the grocery store next time you shop!

Check out the rest of this Queen's site (link available if you are registered user or go to's full of fun stuff and great information!
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Natural DIY Sugar Lip Scrub
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