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 Womb Circle and Womb Healing with the Queen Afua Wellness University

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Womb Circle and Womb Healing with the Queen Afua Wellness University Empty
PostSubject: Womb Circle and Womb Healing with the Queen Afua Wellness University   Womb Circle and Womb Healing with the Queen Afua Wellness University EmptyTue Dec 08, 2015 10:49 am

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“People are looking for answers, no smoking mirrors or crystal balls.  We needed a healing revolution. It wasn’t just my body in pain or my child that was sick. It was everyone I knew, everyone I spoke to, read about or saw. Everyone was just as sick as I was. It was at that point when I decided to carry a fire that wouldn’t burn, a healing fire.”
Queen Afua

Recommended reading if one is trying to heal one's womb (be it from spiritual trauma such as rape or molestation, to physical trauma such as fibroid tumors or miscarriage), is Sacred Woman: a Guide to Healing the Feminine Mind, Body, and Spirit. In this article the woman describes it well as " a 416 page book by Queen Afua, a Brooklyn-based holistic health practitioner. As the title indicates, Sacred Woman is a guide for women to follow to improve and maintain their reproductive health systems. Queen Afua is a nutritionist, herbalist, yoga instructor, and a priestess of the Kemetic faith. She bases her health system on Kemetic spirituality, but you are not required to give up your own faith to pursue Kemetic spirituality. Many Christian, Catholic, Muslim, and other women of other faiths have completed this process.

Queen Afua's Wellness University describes the Sacred Woman course: "Become aligned with your spiritual anatomy through 'Sacred Woman' gateways. During this 12-wk course, students will utilize color therapy, flower essences, healing affirmations and meditation to restore and harmonize the feminine mind, body and spirit." This course is 36 hours and $595.
For this course, you will have to purchase the book, and I encourage you to buy the book before you do any other step, so you can see if this is something that really calls to and interests you. The book will take on a whole higher level, however, once you take the course from the author herself, especially if you struggle to understand anything, discipline yourself without support, or simply want to reach a higher calling than what you can achieve alone with the skills you have now.  Sacred Woman" is available at her site and on Amazon.

As one of the leaders of this Kemetic healing movement, Queen Afua may appear less accessible than, say, one of the Black women who is on youtube daily, however she has become much more accessible over the past year, and she does have a phone number, as well as facebook and website, and an actual business address that you can stop by if you are in Brooklyn. If you take her courses, you have access to a whole host of Sacred Women who have graduated prior to yourself just a phone call away, so the money spent to join this community is a worthy investment.

I love you

The amazing thing about Queen Afua's Wellness University is also that you can train to become a Womb Practitioner. Because of this, there are Sacred Women worldwide that can host womb circles and Sacred Women retreats locally, healing women in their own home towns! If you are looking for a Sacred Woman to help you on your path, please call Queen Afua's Wellness Center to gain information, and if you are in Santa Cruz, CA or the Bay Area, please feel free to contact me at tahtahmexero(at)gmail(dot)com!

Womb circles are an effective way to continue your healing process, as they can be done by oneself, but are an amazing way to connect with other Black women who are leaning towards traditional African methods of our ancestors to heal themselves of the lifestyle they have been raised in. This Western lifestyle ultimately destroys many Black women in America (and other places worldwide), and this explains the shift that many women find themselves having where they understand a need to move on.

"This essay describes how seven African American women from various faiths adopted a nutritional and spiritual program based on an African traditional religion in order to engage a health concern that is inadequately addressed by Western traditional medicine. This essay describes the impetus for the process and some of the rituals that were performed. Highlighting some of the challenges that such a process poses to contemporary theological discourse, this article will offer suggestions for how religious scholars might begin to theorize this activity.

Sacred Woman promotes a vegan and raw foods diet (food heated to a temperature less than 104°-115°F). Certain foods should not be eaten: things like refined sugars; or soy products, which increase the estrogen in a woman’s system and thereby contribute to the growth of fibroids. Alternative foods are recommended: berries and okra (not together, of course).

Part of this holistic lifestyle is holistic movement, womb yoga and womb dance, as well as moving purposefully throughout your life with words and action. This course brings out your inner health, inner wealth, inner grace, and much more.

Queen Afua performing a Womb Dance during a Womb Circle:

It will soon stop surprising you when you realize just how many Sacred Women there truly are worldwide! Many Black healers, practitioners, holistic advocates, as well as those that draw you in with their goodness and spirit were trained by Queen Afua! If you are trying to connect with them, I would suggest Instagram, where many choose to share their personal practices as well as advice and love to the sisterhood.

Some more information about the Wellness Institute from their site:
"The Queen Afua Wellness Institute, being in existence for over 20 years, has a mission to teach humanity through certifications, seminars, workshops, natural therapies, consultation, herbal products, and literature on how to wholistically end body, mind, and spirited dis-ease. With these services and products, we plan to help you heal thyself and become a more vibrant, less hostile, healthier, and peaceful people. From a micro to a macro level, the institutes goal is to create cities of wellness globally for world peace.

Queen Afua’s essays and articles have been published in Essence Magazine, Black Elegance, the Amsterdam News and Caribbean Times.  A highly sought after lecturer, she has shared her message of health and longevity at NASA, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women and to audiences in the Virgin Islands, Canada and Europe.  Her celebrity clients include Stevie Wonder, Iyanla Vanzant, Erykah Badu, John Amos, Vanessa Williams, amongst others."

Peace on your path,

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essay mentioned can be found at, for those who are not members and cannot follow the link. If you are looking for more information about womb circles, please continue to research and feel free to direct any specific questions to the email above!
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Womb Circle and Womb Healing with the Queen Afua Wellness University
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