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 Turmeric for Healing!

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Turmeric for Healing! Empty
PostSubject: Turmeric for Healing!   Turmeric for Healing! EmptyMon Nov 02, 2015 8:42 pm

I only used turmeric for food originally (that's the aisle I bought it on!) mostly just trying it out and adding it to rice and meats while attempting to be a better cook Very Happy ...but one day one of my ferrets got a cut, and when I went online, I learned a simply pure honey and turmeric mixture to put on what seemed to be an awful wound. My little furball was fine and dandy within days of this, and I was very impressed, but had no clue how any of it worked.

Since then I have seen turmeric pop up time and time again as I have delved deeper into a healing, healthful journey. Turmeric originated in India and has been there for more than 4,000 years, not making its way to Africa until around 800 a.d. Beyond use as a delicious (healthy) spice in foods, it has many amazing properties, and can be used (amongst many things) to repair your cells and is anti-inflammatory. It's key compound, "curcumin" is only found in turmeric, which shows why it is one of a kind in usefulness. Best part? It's not really possible to "overdose" on this herb. Seriously, add it to everything. Or mustard to everything, since it is a key ingredient in the sauce  Laughing

Some of the countless ways it can be used:
Treats ringworm, jaundice, stomach pain, bruises and hepatitis, all because it can be used for pain. Can be applied to the skin or internally.
Helps with loss of appetite
Try to get some in you when you have a cold! The tea is also said to lengthen your lifespan, if that interests you at all  Wink
Brightens teeth when added to toothpastes and powders.
Helps heal infected wounds
Deters dandruff
Extends the life of henna tattoos
Delays liver damage
Battles cancer
Dyes fabric and any food you put it in (including decorative hard boiled eggs!)
Reduces HCAs (cancer causing components) on meats!
Make a yummy dessert....yes cake! Vegan cake from the Middle East, doesn't get yummier than that.

Is this not enough for you, ladies? Well let's delve deeper, to the more spiritual side of things.

Black Turmeric in particular is also considered a form of protection from evil energies. You can use it as a way to increase your wealth, or a lucky charm, by placing it in your cash box, on your altar, or in a place of worship.

Here are a few videos for gentle perusal to delve deeper into the amazing world of turmeric!

DIY Turmeric Mask - Clear Skin Journey!

Pain healer herb – Black Turmeric

Kali Haldi Black Turmeric (Spiritual and Astrological benefits)

Turmeric Tea!
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Turmeric for Healing!
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